The Second Film Summit

The First Film Summit took place during Expolit 2016 and included the participation of well-known American Christian producers such as Aaron Burns (War Room), George Escobar (Come What May), Paul Sirmons (Letters to God, Home Run), and by special invitation, Fabiola Romero. These professionals led workshops on multiple topics including the development of scripts, production, post-production and film directing.

The participants at last year’s event were able to listen to the enriching experiences and knowledge from these pioneers of American Christian cinema whose productions have received worldwide recognition and distribution. The First Film Summit opened the doors for the Latin American public participants in Expolit to directly experience and appreciate what happens in the world of cinema.

Enjoy a snippet of the events in the video below:

CanZion Home Media is pleased to announce the Second Film Summit that will take place this August 12th, 2017 during the International Trade Show Expolit. The speakers for this year’s Film Summit are:

  • Cristóbal Krusen is the founder of Messenger Films, producer and director of many full-length features. These features include Ropa Nueva Para Felipe, Con Quien Te Vas, Undaunted, Final Solution, The Bill Collector and his newest film Sabina K., which has been awarded Best Film at ICVM Crown Awards and Best International Film at the International Family Film Festival IFFF, among others.
  • Paul Sirmons is returning for the second year to be a part of this Film Summit. Sirmons is a producer, director, line producer, UPM and first assistant director in both movies and TV. He served as Florida’s State Film Commissioner in the office of Governor Jeb Bush from 2005 to 2008. He now focuses on family and faith-based product — movies that can make a difference in people’s lives — and line-produced the faith-based movies Home Run (2013) and Letters to God (2010), as well as the upcoming Dr. James Dobson documentary series, Building A Family Legacy, and To Write Love On Her Arms (formerly Day One (2012). He’s the producer of Te Ata, a dramatic movie for the Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma, about their legendary storyteller. Sirmons serves on film or telecommunications advisory boards for three colleges: the University of Florida, Valencia College, and Full Sail University. He’s a member of NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) and ICVM (International Christian Visual Media Association).
  • John Hernandez and Jim McMahel are Directors of ZincoTools, a company focusing in creating animation for the whole family, by promoting family values through the world of animation. With 30 years of experience combined, these young men have contributed and produced for companies in Latin America, United States and Europe.
  • Arturo Allen is Director of CanZion Films and producer of 70+ music videos, shorts and the acclaimed full length feature Poema de Salvación. Arturo is a pioneer for faith-based films released in theaters throughout Latin America, such as Victor, Until Forever, War Room, Courageous, God’s Not Dead, among others.

CanZion Home Media is a division of CanZion Group, LP. Our focus is the distribution of faith-based and family friendly movies to the Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets.

The purpose of Expolit is to promote the growth and development of the Christian industry on a global scale. We believe in taking the Word of God to all parts of the world through literature, music, films and any other product that spreads His transforming message. We seek to encourage and motivate editorial companies, the music industry, ministries, and distributors, so that books, music, films and similar products, can be attainable to the public.  For this reason, every year we carryout this great gathering in Miami, of exhibitions, training seminars, diverse workshops, general conferences, and concerts, in which key and renown speakers, authors, and Christian artists participate.

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